Welcome to the Zoo!

Join Newton Faulkner in a live documentary as he records his next album, 'Studio Zoo'!

There's loads of fun stuff going on from surprise guests popping in, Q+A's, competitions, performances and much more. Follow Newton on Twitter to keep updated so you don't miss any of the good bits!

You can get in touch too! Just use Twitter whenever you have something to say - don't forget to include #studiozoo in your tweet though!


Here's a list of their twitter handles too (just incase you want to get specific):

Newton Faulkner: @newtonfaulkner
Toby Faulkner: @billybattenberg
Emily Coxhead: @emilycoxhead
Lottie Faulkner: @lottiefaulkner

So tune in, hang out and have fun exploring the zoo!